Greece: Directorate of Secondary Education of Karditsa

Secondary Education Directorare of Karditsa prefecture (Education Authority) is a decentralized service of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.
Secondary Education Directorate of Karditsa is mainly responsible for the operation of all secondary education institutions (lower and upper) within its area of operation, namely prefecture of Karditsa.
This covers a number of about 40 institutions (Gymnasiums, lyceums and VETs) in a total of 7.000 pupils and about 1.000 tutors. Its main duties are implementation of central & regional educational policies, appointment of new or substitute personnel, educational guidance and counselling, coordination of initiatives and innovations viable in school classroom, the promotion of excellence and competence among pupils but among teachers as well.
Within its area of responsibility lies a vast number of educational resources (libraries, computer labs, physics and chemistry labs, offices for sustainable, ICT or special education) along with accumulated experience of many tutors. So it is a specifically large and rather versatile organization that can achieve a very good balance between size and performance.
Communication networks available include fiber optics, private nets, and satellite signal reception.
Collaboration with peer institutions and other educational governmental and NGO's (national and european) is also a standard characteristic. All systems in appliance are qualified.
Furthermore in Secondary Education Directorate of Karditsa operate the following distinctive departments:
• EU projects department
• Counseling Youth Station
• ICT center
• Laboratory of Natural Sciences Centre
• Guidance and Professional Orientation Center EU projects dept. is an entity which operates under the supervision of Secondary Education Directorate's Director.
The responsibilities of EU projects dept. are:
• The promotion of modernisation & internationalization of secondary education in Karditsa prefecture.
• The enhance of European cooperation in vocational education and training
• To establish and develop cooperation with institutes, organizations, training centres.
• The submission and implementation of EU projects
• To inform and support schools in funding opportunities seeking through their participation in EU projects
• To provide assistance and guidance to schools in order to make them able in proposals writing.
• To support them in finding EU partners
• To provide all the necessary information in order to organise teaching or training abroad for their teachers, staff and students.
• To provide them advices in administration & management of EU projects.
• To promote and transfer good practices have been implemented by EU consortia under EU programmes and Frameworks, organizing, conferences, seminars, training activities and case studies workshops.

Poland: Municipality of Proszowice

Organisation is primarily responsible for supervising educational processes in local schools, providing funding, technical assistance and employing teachers. However in relation to the project the Public Authority is also obliged to provide conditions suitable to perform educational services in an innovative and modern way, developing methods which could support ability to learn new skills in quickly changing e-based environment and boost entrepreneurial abilities of teachers and students.

Therefore the main objectives of the organisation are: preparing teachers and students for new opportunities and developing their key competences as well as preparing the young for future life including job prospects, motivating to gain good educational performance and supporting those in unfavourable conditions. The organization is also responsible for implementing new educational initiatives, development of IT techniques or introducing new ideas. Organisation comprises several departments among them Education Department, PR Dept, Legal Dept, Promotion Dept, Ecology Dept, Dissemination and Statistics Department and Promotion Department.

The library is only existing institution providing outside-school informal educational services and a small cyber cafe for the locals, covers with its scope the area of town of Proszowice and local villages.They offer over 25 000 books to borrow including 10 000 books for teenagers and children but not audio books. We also have reading room with only four computers connected to the Internet, regularly used by readers. The library cooperates with schools and Municipal Office to organise seminars and meetings with invited guests, also organises regular meetings with authors or literary critics so in the project the invited guest speakers would cover the topics interesting for students plus, the speakers will also organise special workshops for kids. We always have a thematic exhibition and get involved in different social campaigns. The Library has already been a part of ComeniusRegio project on boosting entrepreneurship so they have a lot of ready good practices to offer along the project implementation. Also the organization has excellent staff ( 7 people) experiences at working with young people, preparing literary texts and IT technologies.

Project Funding

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership KA2 between Regions


european union

Project partner

Secondary Education Directorate of Karditsa Prefecture

A. Diakou 15, Karditsa, 43100, Greece

+30 2441080331




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