E-Plat-forming education Meeting at Lake Plastira

With great success,  the meeting of Greek and Polish teachers within the three-Year European programme erasmus+, "E-Plat-forming education" was held at Lake Plastira, implemented by Dieuthinsi Deuterovathmias Ekpaideusis Karditsas in collaboration with the municipality of Gmina I Miasto Proszowice.

The Greek side of the project was represented by a group of philologists, which presented a model of teaching for literature, entitled 'Teaching  Romance Literature with ICT, Intercultural elements and experiential techniques'.

Polish teachers attended the presentation with great interest and got actively involved in the educational activities presented. The action was carried out in the event hall of the hotel Kazarma, in a particularly warm atmosphere. In the presentation took part the advisor of the philologists, Iraklis Tsiamalos, and the philologists Sofia Kontou, Agorítsa Skampardoni, Melina Tsianaka and Basiliki Phoupha while in the creation of the presentation also participated the philologists Efthimis Koufogianis and Georgia Giota.

The meeting was attended by the Greek side co-ordinator, Spyros Ntouvis, Vaios Mpatras as member of the program's math team, and the polish partners coordinator, Iza Krzywkowska.

Project Funding

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership KA2 between Regions


european union

Project partner

Secondary Education Directorate of Karditsa Prefecture

A. Diakou 15, Karditsa, 43100, Greece

+30 2441080331






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