Intellectual outcomes


Introducing e-learning platform

Both organisations will employ professional programmers to design and implement a new tool and service for our respective municipalities. The platform will be set on hired server and will be based on Moodle open source programme. The platform will comprise three main levels for recipients:

  • Authority Level
  • School community level
  • Teachers Inform Parents (TIP) level

Online courses for students

An innovative set of exercises written and spoken prepared by both Polish and Greek teachers and uploaded on the platform. The course will be organised on the revision basis and will be divided according to Common European Framework of Reference from A1 to B1, The course will be enriched with pronunciation examples especially for early stages where children do not have any practical example to follow. Each year will have respective level according to National Curriculum and the exercises will involve reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary exercises. Innovative form of writing for students of secondary education will also be introduced where puplis will write the required letter / email and send it for evaluation and assessment to the teachers by email. Students will also be able to ask a qustion to the teacher by on of instant communicators employed in the course. Both Polish and Greek students will have access to the course however not only English will be used for explanations but also national languages. We are also planning to apply for European Language Label due to our innovative ELT methods.

Parents Support Portal

The provided service will be a carefully designed system of information dedicated for parents. Through the platform which will include special portal for communication with pupils’ parents teachers will be able to send instantly information about school progress, possible absenteeism, school news and notifications. The e-learning platform will vitally facilitate parents’ contact with school and class tutor, will give them access to their offspring’ school marks and progress, will give them possibility to contact teacher through chat room or via email. The access will be meant exclusively for parents by unique login. Each class tutor will have a mailing list of all the parents so that he or she can communicate easily. The portal will also publish articles prepared by school psychologist and job counselor to help parents understand the problems young people may face. Finally they will be offered a publication with ideas for parents how to spend time with their kids in a meaningful way and what places in the area are worth visiting.

Webinar exhibition services

  • This a carefully designed service for carrying out web conferencing events. It is based on interactive workshop technology artifacts and can be easily enhanced to a platform offering on-line course (aggregating the digital material available) thus resembling well known MOOC platforms worldwide. At first it will gather all necessary elements for providing a steady information stream to project participants, e.g. slide show presentations, streaming video, whiteboard (with annotations) and text chat. It will gradually evolve to a digital class, where the project members can connect and participate to a centrally designed conference, at specific dates. At the end, besides on-line training, the service would gain its own independence and provide at any time (off-line) all the requested stuff. Model of deployment involves a hosting service, mechanisms for membership and authorization control, to manipulate media and to notify for forthcoming conference events


Project Funding

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership KA2 between Regions


european union

Project partner

Secondary Education Directorate of Karditsa Prefecture

A. Diakou 15, Karditsa, 43100, Greece

+30 2441080331




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